Advice from Alexandra: Finding your significant other

Alexandra Greenberg '20, Columnist

Anonymous Advice Seeker: “How do I find a man outside of tinder or dating apps… all the boys I meet on tinder are trash and don’t want a relationship but I want a relationship and catch feels pretty fast lmao. Please give an introvert who doesn’t like to go up to random cute boys some advice.”

Thanks for reaching out to me. Finding a partner outside of or on dating apps is a problem a lot of people struggle with today. Many people feel that whomever they match with on dating apps will just want hook up with them and want nothing more. Some people on dating apps do just want this; however, there are some people on there who are looking for an actual relationship. You can choose to stay on Tinder and continue matching with people. You could potentially find someone else who wants a relationship or you could try to meet someone another way.

Many people find partners in college through mutual friends, meeting people at social events, or extracurricular activities.  If you are an introvert, I understand these settings may be a more intimidating way to find someone you might be interested in dating. No matter which route you decide to take, what’s most important is that you take control of the situation. If you want a relationship, then go on dates with people and don’t just hook up with them. Always let the other person involved know what you want from the beginning so there is no confusion. Who knows? Maybe they want the exact same thing as you do.

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Advice from Alexandra