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Impressions on Expression

Impressions on Expression

A Pair of Rhodes College Free Speech Updates
Khulan Erdenechimeg and Ben Reynolds September 24, 2021

The Campus Vs. E.H: Sitting down with the “British girl” as the rumors circulate across the halls... Khulan Erdenechimeg As you probably know, the rumors about “The British girl” controversies...

Man vs. Dorm: A Tragedy in Three Parts

Man vs. Dorm: A Tragedy in Three Parts

Anna Strohmeyer, Will Braam, and William Trotman September 24, 2021

Violent destruction, unfair laws, and vigilante justice—all that, and more, today in this thrilling story of vandalism and punishment in the freshmen dorms.  Today we will be doing a deep dive into...

The Yik-Opticon

The Yik-Opticon

Anna Strohmeyer September 16, 2021

“A terrible cesspool.” “Toxic.” “Dangerous.”  
These are all words used in various newspaper articles from Fox news to small local university papers to describe YikYak, the revived social...

Should Cancel Culture Be Cancelled?

Should Cancel Culture Be Cancelled?

Izzy Wollfarth September 9, 2021

Over the years, and since its first introduction to society, media and technology have been highly debated on its benefits. While technology has given us easy access to knowledge and information, it has...

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Are conservatives in the closet?

Jay Chatterjee '23, Staff Writer October 28, 2019

The words “Liberal” and “Conservative” are very divisive currently, as the world runs on assumptions and preconceived notions. Part of this divisiveness is the comes from the current political...

Photo by Rachel Heiman

Why I filed a Clery Act complaint against Rhodes College, and why I do not regret it

Rachel Heimann '20, Staff Writer October 26, 2019

“We are proud of the low crime rate and extraordinarily safe campus at Rhodes College.”  This proclamation appears in bold lettering at the top of the Rhodes Campus Safety website. I used to wonder...

A note from the editor: explaining the change

A note from the editor: explaining the change

Alice Berry '21, Editor-in-Chief October 7, 2019

When The Sou’wester published its first issue on Nov. 5, 1919, its editorial board provided a statement of purpose. That statement read in part, “The college publication, whether paper, magazine, or...

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The right to bear arms depends on an absolute—grammatically, anyways

David Sick, Contributor September 30, 2019

The text of the Second Amendment is a disaster. Despite the fierce disagreements about its meaning and application, the problems of the actual wording are acknowledged widely. Justice Scalia even had to...

Mary Thomas holds Ally of the Year award immediately after the Campus Life Awards.

Mary Thomas ’21, named Ally of the Year, speaks out against the award

Mary Thomas '21, Contributor June 10, 2019

This past spring semester, sitting with my family in the McCallum Ballroom, I was honored to receive the Ally of the Year award. I was very surprised, and the adrenaline of an unexpected award fueled my...

#UnfinishedBusiness: the story of the Rhodes student center effort

#UnfinishedBusiness: the story of the Rhodes student center effort

Emily Faber '19, Contributor May 2, 2019

Clusters of folks circle around tables, gather around couches and TVs, and eat together from the fast cafe. The space buzzes with conversation and collaboration. It feels refreshing, exciting, and alive....

The Souwester endorses AVI Fresh as new food service provider

The Sou’wester endorses AVI Fresh as new food service provider

Editorial Board March 23, 2019

As the student body votes for their preferred food vendor for the College to contract with next year, the Editorial Board of The Sou’wester would like to officially endorse AVI Fresh. Rhodes is currently...

The seals of the six Rhodes IFC members

Yes, IFC must do better, but they cannot work alone

Jenna Faust '20, Contributor March 22, 2019

Today I read an article that compelled me to speak out about the standing of social life and the IFC community here at Rhodes. I thought long and hard about this decision, amongst the recent sexual assaults,...

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