When the Clock Strikes Midnight


Emma Knight

After the twelfth chime of midnight from the old grandfather clock, chaos ensues. As if receiving pleasure from others’ despair, neighbors (both adjacent and above) wreak havoc on my sleep pattern; and, the most maniacal of laughs echo through the hallways of the dormitories to announce that the evening social hour has begun. Some may say that it is the excitement of breaking the rules which makes gathering after quiet hours so invigorating, however, I believe that it is just lack of respect or decency.

A coterie of students gather- almost ceremoniously- to begin the evening celebrations. Clamorous tales of events which unfolded throughout the day followed by a loud courteous outburst of laughter have become such pleasures to hear in my daily life- although, this does take some time to become accustomed to. Along with the lively and somewhat deafening laughter-filled conversations, comes with the routine screech of what is hopefully the sound of rearranging of furniture. However, unless these neighbors intend on pursuing a career in interior design, it is likely that the culprit of this noise lies elsewhere. 

Follow the commandments devised to protect resident’s sleep schedules and do not begin your evening gatherings during quiet hours. As Jesus himself said, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” Treat your fellow neighbors with respect and allow them the dignity which is sleep.