Eleanor Ellsworth


Emma Knight

Local Memphian, and Rhodes College student, Eleanor Ellsworth, ’25, has always shared an interest in art- particularly in the style of semi-realism. Although always fascinated by art, Ellsworth only began to seriously invest in her talent at the age of thirteen. Her semi-realistic style has led to her capture of mostly living and natural things. Ellsworth, who owns four cats herself, tends to focus predominantly on cats within her own art. Though she has always loved them, her desire to create feline artwork began when she was first introduced to the novel series “Warriors”, which tells stories of the adventures of cats. Even though she enjoys creating images of cats in her artwork, Ellsworth often branches out to capture different artistic subjects, such as dogs and insects; and has even completed commissioned artwork featuring the buyers’ pets.  

Since coming to Rhodes College, Ellsworth has made plans to continue her artistic studies and take some of the art classes offered through the school. For every artist, one’s reason for creating their artwork is different, some like using bright colors because of how they make them feel, some like capturing landscapes because they can freeze a moment of nature in time forever, but for Eleanor Ellsworth, her motivation for her focus towards living art subjects is fueled by her desire to capture the emotion and life within the creature. Not only does she enjoy capturing the individual’s body language and emotion within her art, but Ellsworth also appreciates her position as an artist to share these feelings and displays of life with her audience. For those interested in contacting the artist for commissioned artwork or viewing more of her artistic creations, Ellsworth is accessible through her Instagram page @ughcats.