Life Sux, Eat Cake!

Samantha Patterson, Editor in Chief

I think we can all say that quarantine has been hard, to say the least. Like me, you’ve all probably created lists of productive things to do to stay sane, but how many of us have actually followed through? Well, Kathleen “Kat” Whatley ’22 found a great way to keep busy and have fun while stuck at home, balancing her online classes. 

Kat discovered her love for baking a few years ago, and has now turned this love into a business that she started from the ground up. “Life Sux, Eat Cake” is her online business where you can order lovingly homemade cakes, macarons, cupcakes, and more, all for a great price. Not only does Kat create her own recipes that she features on her site, but she also takes requests and custom orders for any occasion. 

We all have little hobbies that may help take our minds off of whatever makes us anxious, or upset. When asked why she started this business, Kat said that during quarantine, she has really suffered with her depression and anxiety, as most of us have. She said “I tried a lot of things to combat this, but the one thing that really worked in helping me through the negative vibes was making food and watching people enjoy it!… Baking helps relax me, so I wanted to share what makes me happy with others.” 

In these uncertain and difficult times, it’s safe to say that everyone needs to be shown a little TLC. That’s why Kat created themed desserts for the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride month. She raised over $200 to donate; half went to the BLM in DC, while the other half went to the Trans Women of Color Collective. 

As someone who has gained a few pounds due to Kat’s addictive recipes, I can confirm that she has a gift, not only for making delicious food, but for making everyone around her feel loved. So, tell someone you care about them by sending them some amazing desserts, while also supporting a small business created by one of your peers! As Kat said, “Life may suck right now, but at least I can give you cake.” 

Follow this link below to make your first purchase. 

Life Sux. Eat Cake: Homemade