‘A guy like that is what I drive 6 hours to see’


Lawton Walker

Drew was one of those guys who was selfless and cared for others. The night we lost him, he was organizing rides for his house to get his friends downtown safely. He was the last to leave his house that night because he was helping his friends. Drew was always making sure everyone had a good time, and never engaged in drama or talking bad about others. Never in my time with him have I ever had a bad experience with him. He was outgoing, talented, and a unique way to bring people together. He was so charismatic that we voted him to be our fraternities recruitment chair and then brotherhood chair/chaplain. Whenever I was lonely he was always there to open up his house to me.

While I was mourning Drew, I had a thought. He lived his life in a way that had dozen’s of people crying in their front yard because of the impact he had on their lives. Life is about relationships and how you impact those around you. I believe Drew Rainer’s impact on others will be felt forever as a model for how to live your life.

I could speak on Drew’s success in his band Belvedere, as an English major, or as a member of the Catholic student association, but I will always remember Drew for how he treated others.

The hug he gave me and the “missed you big man” just hit differently when I came back for homecoming. A guy like that is what I drive 6 hours to see.

I texted Drew that night at 1:20 AM, thanking him for organizing everything. The last thing he would ever say to me is he loved me.

Up until his final hours, he was loving others because that is who he was.

This world will forever changed because of Drew Rainer. To my brother, I love you, and I will always cherish the memories we had together.