‘To know Drew Rainer is to love him’

Eliza Lieberman

To know Drew Rainer is to love him. And man, was he loved. Drew and I got to spend a lot of time together doing what we both loved- make music. From our audio engineering class, to time at the curb lodge, to various performances and recording sessions, we really got to watch each other grow as musicians. While Drew was someone who definitely shaped the way I view art, he shaped the way I view life even more. There is not a single day that Drew saw me without asking how I was. He had the brightest outlook and most infectious smile around. It was so hard to be sad around Drew. From the depths of covid to the hardships of being a college student, Drew added positivity and love to a world that so desperately needed it. I am honored that I get to carry his memory and legacy with me. I will miss him so much.