‘I always had family near’-Honoring Drew

Stephen Bell

While I couldn’t in good conscience say I was one of Drew’s closest friends, he always had a special place in my heart due to the connection  we shared. During welcome week, I was staying with my cousins who lived in Memphis. When I met Drew on the first night of welcome week, we got to talking, we found out that my cousins were also his cousins! And while the relation was relatively distant, it still comforted me all the same knowing I always had family near. Knowing Drew meant knowing someone kind, caring, and fun to be around. He always had a smile on his face and a group of friends around him, he was just one of those people that was easy to love and hard to hate. Drew was a light on campus for everyone around him, and a great friend to everyone who even remotely knew him. This couldn’t have happened to a better person, and the world is a much worse off place without him in it. Rhodes will never be the same without him in it.