Soccer scores against Centre, Sewanee

Rylan Lorance '21, Staff Writer

Men’s Soccer had a big weekend on the first weekend of the October, with a game against Centre on Friday and Sewanee on Saturday. The Lynx pulled in wins for both these games that weekend, sending them on a winning streak that continued on for a total of three wins. The streak was unfortunately ended with a lost game against Oglethorpe.

The game against Centre opened up on Friday. The Lynx played strong defense, especially Will Burka-White ‘20 who was able to prevent two goals in the first half, keeping the score at one to one by halftime. Ian Schiller ‘21 scored the first goal in the game, then Sophomore Pavan Ramachandria was able to secure the game with his first goal. His header to win the game started a pattern that the Lynx continued for the weekend.

The Lynx only had one day to recuperate before taking on the Sewanee Tigers on Sunday. Both team’s defenses were able to keep the other from scoring throughout the first, and as the day got hotter the teams continued pushing on as the game got aggressive. In the end, Ben Tang ‘21 was able to win the game for the Lynx, knocking a header into the net to win the game against Sewanee and give the Lynx a third place position in the district.

“It was my first conference goal in my SAA career and it was felt surreal,” Tang said. “I remember right before the free-kick someone shouted from the crowd ‘score a goal for me Ben Tang’ and the next play, I ended up heading the ball into the back of the net.”

George Winfrey ‘19 recently received attention as the SAA Defensive Player of the Week on the first week of October. Winfrey was a Guinnet County All Regional Defender in high school and has played with the Lynx since his freshman year, providing a formidable defense for the team.

“It’s always good to get recognition for hard work that’s been put in but the entire defense,” Winfrey said.  “Our goal keepers deserve just as much credit because they’ve had my back multiple times and one person can’t make that big of a difference on the line.”

All good things must come to an end, and the Lynx’s winning streak proved to be no exception. The Lynx were eventually bested by Oglethorpe on October 14th. The Stormy Petrels were undefeated at that time, and went on to win against the Lynx 2-0. The first goal was right out the bat, followed by a game ending goal that caused a great deal of controversy. In the end, Rhodes defense was unable to stop the Stormy Petrels as they moved on defeat Emory.

Rhodes Soccer still stands at 8-4 as they go on to play Hendrix this weekend, where they will hopefully start yet another winning streak for the season.