Rhodes athletic social media accounts you should already be following

Rhodes football players prep for game day

Photo courtesy of @RhodesFootball

Rhodes football players prep for ‘game day’

Rachel Heimann '20, Staff Writer

The impact of Social Media on today’s society is undeniable. From our President tweeting about Nuclear War to Taylor Swift endorsing Phil Bredesen on Instagram to your grandma roasting your ex in a comment on your Facebook relationship status change, Social Media has infiltrated all aspects of our lives. College Athletics is no exception.

For Rhodes College, the growth of social media for athletics has been slow and steady; however, this year a few tech-savvy coaches and athletes have stepped up to the plate, taking their social media game to the next level.

Following sport teams on social media is a great way to boost team spirit, keep yourself updated on upcoming events, and be a supportive member of a community.

Even though life can get pretty stressful mid-semester, take a break and #TreatYourSelf to Rhodes Athletic social media by following a few of these hidden gems!


The Rhodes Men’s Soccer Instagram account went through a #GlowUp when the team took a trip to Germany and Austria this summer. During the trip, Coach Matt Lamb kept Instagram follower updated with wholesome team pics and stunning European sceneries, he became “hella obsessed with it all of a sudden” said goalie Will Birka-White. And he’s right, anyone who scrolls through will see just how obsessed the coaching staff is with showing off how they are of their team!


Head over to the Twitter account of Rhodes College Women’s Basketball to see how these #Queens work on and off the court! It is clear volunteer work and community outreach is something they are compassionate about. One perfect example is their most recent tweet about bringing awareness to the story of brain cancer survivor Sydnie Reedy, who is a close friend of point guard Alyssa Owens, and is an inspiration to all athletes across the country.


The Rhodes College Football team’s Twitter account is #ThePlug for anyone who appreciate memes, pump up commercials, motivational action shots, and inspiring activities of players off the field. While the account is run by Assistant Coach Booker, it is a collaborative effort between the players and staff to create quality content. “We do the commercials, he handles the rest” said senior quarterback PJ Settles. By giving them a follow you will quickly see that Coach Booker is the #GOAT at creating funny gifs, while also dependably updating you on the teams schedule and scores.


Follow the Rhodes Women’s Soccer team if you want to see a perfect example of #SquadGoals. Their Instagram page proves that playing highly competitive sport, does not mean you won’t have time to goof around and still have fun. These girls love showing the realities of student-athlete life, including dressing up as a hot dog, raising awareness for Diversity and Inclusion, and celebrating player achievements. You’ll also be inspired to hit the gym once you see the videos of their workout routines!