Kappa Sigma apologizes after leaked group messages show use of homophobic slur


Photo courtesy of Rhodes College.

Rachel Heimann '20, Staff Writer

The Rhodes College chapter of Kappa Sigma has apologized for their fellow member’s use of a homophobic slur revealed in a leaked screenshot of the fraternity’s minutes 

Last week current and former Rhodes students began posting the screenshot on multiple social media platforms. 

“Today, I am once again deeply ashamed of my alma mater Rhodes College,” Lana Nelson 19 wrote in a Facebook post.   

“Regularly the men of fraternities are allowed to discriminate and create fear on that campus. Below is a screen shot of ‘meeting minutes’ from a kappa sigma meeting. It was sent to the wrong group chat and that is how it’s been ‘leaked,’” Nelson said. 

The screenshot of minute meetings, sent by the Kappa Sigma Grand Scribe, said the following: 

“Philanthropy: nothing 

Social: woodstock Saturday, wristbands crucial, keep fags out, Tell people open house Friday SHOW UP. 

Pledges: we have some. 

Story time: always illegally sell your pistols unloaded. 

Other: pay your dues broke ass mfsidc delegate vote next week- tell me if you want to be nominated. Also big thanks to the 0 people who applied to be my assistant. 

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION CHAIR UPDATE: we (I) need one desperately, this position carries more power than most of the EC so who wants it.” 

“This is how I’ll deliver the minutes from now on fyi,” the fraternity member wrote. 

The Sou’wester received the following statement from Kappa Sigma: 

In response to the recent social media post regarding inappropriate language used by one of our members, we would like to make it abundantly clear that this statement does not represent the beliefs of Phi Chapter. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the Rhodes community in general, but specifically to any member of the Rhodes community that was offended or felt marginalized. Our open events are exactly that: open to everyone. We are committed to maintaining this inclusive environment at all times. 

The member who made this statement was on our executive council at the time and was immediately removed from this position on September 22nd. While the use of any slur is obviously inappropriate, we want to stress that we have neither acted on these sentiments nor have we discriminated against anyone in any capacity. While his intent was not to offend or discriminate against anyone, the use of this language is unacceptable in any context. Trivializing its use is also completely unacceptable. 

Kappa Sigma is a supportive environment for all and does not tolerate any sort of discrimination against any group. That is not what we stand for and we hope to demonstrate this at all times in the future.” 

When asked for comment, Rhodes College Gender & Sexuality Alliance said, “The GSA has no comment at this time. We are making our own plans of actions moving forward in the future.” 

Culture of Consent has voiced support for the LGBTQ community and condemned the use of harmful language: 

“We as Culture of Consent fully support GSA and send our support to any member of the Rhodes community who was harmed by the fraternity’s post. These types of comments are disrespectful, harmful, and unacceptable. Homophobic or hate-filled actions and speech do not have a place in our community. As Culture of Consent, we believe the kind of language the post used perpetuates violence against the LGBTQIA+ community, and we won’t stand for it.”