Dancing Their Hearts Out at Kappa Delta’s All Sing


Lilly LeJeune

In Fisher Gardens on a warm Friday night, Kappa Delta launched their yearly All Sing to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America and the local chapter, Nurture the Next. After missing a year due to COVID-19, groups lined up to perform to some of Country’s greatest hits. 

KD’s country throwdown theme brought with it cowboy hats and a lot of Taylor Swift (though nobody was complaining). KD began planning this event during the summer, led by the Vice President of Community Service, Tina Karem ‘22. A variety of committees put together decorations, approve dance numbers, and communicate with clubs to create the All Sing we all know and love. This year, KD moved the show from Mallory Gym to Fisher Gardens due to COVID-19. Karem said about the move, “I think it worked out really well.” 

Their judges included a representative from Nurture the Next to represent the charity at the event. Four sororities, four fraternities, and seven other organizations came together to dance and raise money. From the opening lines to Miley Cyrus’ Hoedown Throwdown to Sigma Nu’s crossdressing Love Story, to SACA’s Old Town Road/Bollywood mashup, All Sing proved to be an incredible night.

After SACA’s standing ovation, KD handed out the awards. RCDC, Rhodes College Dance Company, won Most Country, Sigma Nu won Crowd Favorite, Tri-Delta won Most Enthusiastic, and the swim team, first-time competitors, won best costumes for their swim caps and goggles. 3rd place went to SACA, 2nd to the Cheer team, last year’s winners, and 1st to the Majorettes, another first-time competitor. 

Even after the crowd clears off of muddy Fisher Gardens, KD’s work is not done. This year they earned roughly 10,000 dollars. They donate 20% to the national Prevent Child Abuse America and 80% to Nurture the Next. The majority of the money raised goes to helping children in Tennessee and Memphis. 


About the impact of these donations, Karem said, “Every year before recruitment, we have someone get on zoom with us…and talk to us about how that money is so important and what they do.” By providing resources to mothers, providing an education, and getting families back on their feet, Nurture the Next creates real change in the lives of abuse survivors, and by putting on All Sing and donating the proceeds, Kappa Delta contributes to that change.