RSG proposes dissolving Lecture Board, separating allocations from Senate

Lily Flores '19, Staff Writer

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Rhodes Student Government has proposed a merger of the Rhodes Lecture Board and Rhodes Activities Board as part of their efforts to reduce redundancy and increase efficiency among student organizations.

RAB president Ryan Rosenkrantz ’19 said the move is well-intentioned on the part of RSG. Rosenkrantz said the hope is to “promote more efficiency for that type of programming.” RAB aims to continue to bring “relevant, big name speakers” to campus for student enjoyment. 

The move to dissolve Lecture Board will mean a previously 10+ person student board, will now be consolidated into one RAB committee, with an appointed overseer to further prioritize efficiency of program building.

Rhodes Student Government has also decided to separate Allocations Board from itself after absorbing the body last spring. The merger was understood as requiring some “trial and error in the process of finding out what works best,” Allocations Board President Chandler Vaught ’19 said. The two organizations decided a combined constitution was no longer necessary. 

“[Allocations’] mission is specific to student organizations, whereas the Senate focuses on student life as a whole,” Vaught said.

The bodies under the RSG umbrella, like RAB and Class Council, will vote to approve these changes to RSG’s constitution. If they do approve it, the proposed amendments will be sent to the student body for a campus-wide vote.