Rhodes College Republicans endorse Bill Lee, Marsha Blackburn, David Kustoff

Rep. Marsha Blackburn seeks to move to the Senate chamber

Rhodes College Republicans, Contributor

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Sou’wester contacted both Rhodes College Republicans and Rhodes College Democrats for midterm endorsements in op-ed form. After multiple inquiries, only RCR met our request in full. We are fully committed to publishing balanced political commentary wherever and whenever possible.

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Republican gubernatorial nominee Bill Lee

Bill Lee for Governor:

With the August 2nd primary behind us, Rhodes College Republicans could not be prouder of the voter’s choice for Governor. Bill Haslam has served this state well over the past eight years, and we could not be more thankful for his service and the impact he has made. Now, we look forward to electing Tennessee’s 50th governor: Mr. Bill Lee.

Mr. Lee is no stranger to Rhodes College Republicans; in fact, we had the pleasure of speaking to Bill before he even hit the campaign trail. “Above all else, he presented himself as a civil servant, dedicated to improving the lives of his fellow Tennesseans,” Rhodes College Republicans President Alex Schramkowski said. “He came to us with a strong background in community engagement, business acumen, and beyond that a sense of companionship with everyone he came in contact with. He will be our next governor, and I hope to someday call him a good friend of mine.”

Mr. Lee will face off against former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean in November, where we expect a clean victory for the Lee campaign. We could not be more excited to have such an excellent nominee. We wholeheartedly offer our endorsement to Mr. Lee and his campaign, and we look forward to helping Bill Lee get to the governor’s mansion in November!

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Rep. Marsha Blackburn seeks to move to the Senate chamber

Marsha Blackburn for U.S. Senate:

On August 2nd, Tennessee voters unified and with a resounding voice of approval chose Marsha Blackburn to be the GOP United States Senate nominee in November. Congressman Blackburn, with a long story of success and strong conservative track record behind her, embodies the goals and values of Tennesseans. She will prove to be a phenomenal nominee, and we are confident she will make a great senator.

“Having been one of Congressman Blackburn’s constituents for as long as I have been interested in politics, I know she won’t let Tennesseans down,” Rhodes College Republicans President Alex Schramkowski said. “She’s a fighter. She’s been a fighter her whole life, and she’ll continue to fight for what’s right when she goes to the United States Senate!” Rhodes College Republicans could not be happier to offer our endorsement to Congressman Blackburn for this important Senate seat.

In November, Congressman Blackburn will face off against former Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen. Former governor Bredesen will not be the advocate for Tennessee values that we need in the United States Senate, especially in a state that voted for President Trump by over 60%. We know that, when Congressman Blackburn is elected Senator in November, that the Senate will be able to continue working to improve the lives of all Americans. Rhodes College Republicans wholeheartedly and happily offer our endorsement to Marsha Blackburn, and we wish her well as she speaks to constituents from across the state.

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Incumbent Rep. David Kustoff seeks another term

David Kustoff for U.S. House:

For the past several years, members of Tennessee’s eighth congressional district have been represented by Congressman David Kustoff. What an honor that has been for the people of Tennessee! A man with a strong track record of putting Tennessee neighborhoods and communities first has been a great advocate for conservative values at the national level. Now, Mr. Kustoff has won his nomination to go back to Washington again. We enthusiastically support his nomination to the House of Representatives once again.

“Congressman Kustoff, a man with a smile always on his face, has made a name of Tennessee on Capitol Hill. He has done the right kind of work, advocated for the issues important to our state’s citizens, and will be an excellent choice for voters in November,” Rhodes College Republicans President Alex Schramkowski said.

In November, Congressman Kustoff will be met at the ballot box by Erika Pearson. The primary was evidence enough: voters support Congressman Kustoff and believe in his way forward for the State and the Nation. We enthusiastically offer our endorsement to Congressman Kustoff and his team, and we look forward to electing him in November!