Advice from Alexandra: Balancing school work and social life

Alexandra Greenberg '20, Columnist

Anonymous Advice seeker:” I have been having a really hard time balancing school work and my social life. I feel like I have to pick between doing school work or being social. I don’t want to lose my friends from not hanging out with them often enough, but I also don’t want to perform poorly in school.”


I think this is a very common problem, especially in college. It’s hard for many people to find a good and healthy balance between school work and social activities. I think it is possible to achieve being social and performing well in school if you implement a few tips and tricks into your daily life.

I recommend using a calendar to better balance your time between school and social activities.

A calendar can help organize your life by planning what you need to do and when it needs to be done. A lot of times people can’t attend social things not because they don’t have enough time, but because they failed to plan. Planning not only allows you to efficiently assign when you need to study, but it also allows you to see all the free time you have available to attend social events.  

Besides using a calendar, it is essential to plan ahead. A tip I suggest is sitting down at the end of every week and taking time to write out your calendar for the following week. This allows you to set aside time for homework/studying and social plans. If you really want to stay on top of things you could even write in on your calendar for the entire month when future tests, quizzes, and homework will be due. With good planning you will find you have plenty of time to do well in school and still have a great social life.


And there you have it,
Advice from Alexandra