Advice from Alexandra: Keeping in touch with your old friends

Alexandra Greenberg '20, Columnist

Anonymous Advice seeker:” A lot of my friends who lived in my building last year I don’t live by anymore and I don’t want to lose my friends because I love them but it’s hard to see them and I don’t know what to do. Like yes I can ask them to hangout but we just have such different lives its hard.”

I think this is a very common problem especially during college. New students normally become closest friends with people who live near them or in their same building. When you live in the same building with other students it is easy and convenient to spend time together and continue being friends. Now that you and your friends no longer live quite as close it is not as convenient to hang out with them anymore.

I feel that If you really want to stay close with your friends that it is feasible to do. You could set up weekly events such as having dinner every Monday night or going on runs every Saturday. You could also discuss joining a club or an activity that interests both of you.

You may feel that you and your friends lives are too different to be able to continue being friends now that you do not live in close proximity. Sometimes you become friends with people and it is circumstantial. You might not realize your friendship is circumstantial until it is no longer convenient to for you to see them. Is it worth it to you to sacrifice time and effort to keep up these friendships? If not, it might be time to move on.


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Advice from Alexandra